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Green Systems
Preparing for ISO 14001 Certification

It can be hard introducing new standards to your business systems

And all too easy to drown in the related paperwork with little to show for all your hard work.

This training course will stop all that…

This must-have training course introduces the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to your organisation.

Managing your environmental impacts is fast becoming an imperative for your suppliers, your customers and your staff.

Our no-nonsense, down to earth approach makes your system easy to implement.

You will reduce pollution, climate change and waste with the minimum of paperwork.

So no huge files propping up your desk!

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The Results can be amazing

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An ISO survey of 5,000 businesses in 2013 reported improvements in:

Meeting legal and tender requirements

Providing competitive advantage and enhanced public image

Improving their own and suppliers’ environmental performance

Management commitment and employee engagement

Increasing financial benefit.

Be proud of the legacy you leave for future generations.

As a result, your team will achieve the following outcomes:

Identify opportunities to reduce waste, including raw materials, utility use and waste disposal costs

Reduce the risk of fines for non-compliance with environmental legislation

Ensure all operations have procedures to minimise their environmental impacts

Save time and effort in responding to tenders by ticking a box

Record environmental performance against set targets

Provide a clear audit trail

Increase profits

Embed environmental best practice into your culture so it becomes the way we do things around here.

This is a public course, but it can also be offered as an in-house tailored training programme.

How we will work with you

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The Green Business Network is there to support you from the start of your environmental journey for as long as you need us

The heart of this comprehensive 11-week training is to help you to embed Green Systems into your organisation and ultimately gain ISO 14001 certification.

Pre-course Audit. : A half-day on site review of where you are now and the opportunities for improvement.

Like to explore this first ?

Jane Varley

Our Expert

You will be led by Jane Varley PIEMA, Manager of the Green Business Network, who has more than 20 years’ experience of working with businesses to help them improve their environmental performance.

Jane previously worked for Cranfield University and the British Standards Institution (BSI), and has been involved with the Green Business Network for 25 years. She has owned and run a small business, which has helped to shape her practical approach to environmental management systems.

Having worked with many organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, means she brings a good understanding of how your business operates and what will work for you.

Curious about the detail?

Our ISO 14001 programme will be held on Thursday afternoons every other week.

We will meet online. The Programme includes a half-day audit which we will carry out on your site.

Grants Available

If you’re an SME, you could be eligible for a grant to fully or partially fund this programme or individual consultancy.

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