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COP 26 – what was that all about?

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COP 26 – what was that all about?

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So the COP 26 climate conference is all done and dusted. This is the seminar for you if you’re still confused about what it was, who took part, what the results were and how it affects your business.

Being aware of global climate strategy is essential for to give you a heads up on the path your business planning should follow. We’ve asked an expert to give you the low-down on what that COP 26 was all about.

Dr Waleed Montasser – lecturer, environmental consultant and GBN Trustee – will have followed the proceedings at the COP 26 conference and will report back on it.

Introduction – What is COP and why it is important to your business

The outcomes: What the attendees agreed, will the resolutions make a difference, did they go far enough and where we go from here.

The impact – How this affects what your business does. What the likely short, medium and long term impacts of the decisions taken/commitments made will be.

Workshop – The session will conclude with a workshop. You can share your thoughts, actions, questions and concerns with others. You can discuss with other companies what you can do to meet the short, medium and long-term decisions taken by world leaders.

Dr Waleed Montasser

Dr Waleed Montasser https://www.linkedin.com/in/waleed-montasser-64a0858/ is an international waste, resource efficiency and environmental consultant. He has worked with various UK environmental organisations, such as Buckinghamshire Waste Partnership, DEFRA and WRAP. His international contracts include UNIDO, Hewlett Packard and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA). Waleed has been a Trustee of the Green Business Network since 2019.

He has lectured and participated in a variety of research projects on waste and resource management with the Universities of Bedfordshire and Northampton. Waleed also has various publications in peer reviewed journals and industry magazines.

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