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Campaign against incinerators gets underway

Georgia Elliott-Smith has launched a legal challenge against the UK Government over incineration pollution and carbon emissions. The campaign video showcases the talent of Giverny Harman and Jayda David who have described the impact of incineration in poetic form. Aside from the pollution and carbon emissions that result from incinerating waste and some recycling, this is a criminal waste of resources. There has to be a better way. The legal challenge takes place… Read More »Campaign against incinerators gets underway

Climate protestors

Global greenhouse gases continue to rise

Despite UN IPCC Report warnings, global protests, and the continuing threat to many species on the planet, it seems that there is still a failure to take the climate emergency seriously. This morning, 25 November, The Guardian reports that global CO2 emissions are still rising and show no sign of decreasing. While many businesses and individuals are working to reduce their emissions, we need governments to wake up and start… Read More »Global greenhouse gases continue to rise