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GBN welcomes new member at Environmental Risk seminar

GBN was delighted to welcome FB Parrish & Sons’ Robyn Mason at this morning’s seminar, which looked at the risk posed to businesses from climate change. The session, which was extremely well received, turned the tables on the usual ‘what can we do to prevent climate change’ approach to focus on how you can prepare to protect your business from the ravages of climate change. Areas covered were flooding, air,… Read More »GBN welcomes new member at Environmental Risk seminar

Can you cut the waste this Christmas?

It may sound curmudgeonly to be having a pop at Christmas, but if we want to continue to enjoy the benefits this planet gives us, we need to take a look at what we’re doing, particularly during consumer-based festivals. ‘[Novelty gifts] seem amusing on the first day of Christmas, daft on the second, embarrassing on the third. By the twelfth they’re in landfill. For 30 seconds of dubious entertainment, or a hedonic… Read More »Can you cut the waste this Christmas?

GBN appoints new trustees at AGM

GBN appointed four new trustees at this month’s Annual General Meeting of the Network. Gail Revill, a retired town planner from David Lock Associates, Sue Rapley, facilities and environmental associate at Vine Technical Services, Scott Grace, health, safety, quality and environmental officer at Alpheus Environmental, and Adrian Spurrell, co-director at The Red Thread, were all voted in as Board members and Trustees. The Network would like to thank outgoing Trustee… Read More »GBN appoints new trustees at AGM