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GBN Food Seminar

Green Business Network (GBN) was delighted to welcome new member Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn, a return to work health coach, who attended her first meeting today with a bit of a baptism of fire as she was the guest speaker for this event. Our January seminar, focused on food and its environmental impact.

We looked at how agriculture and what we eat is impacting on climate change, and the ways in which businesses can excite and encourage their staff to try different eating patterns to reduce their carbon emissions. Animal agriculture is using 20 to 30% of all fresh water, and generates 18% of greenhouse gases worldwide. This is more than the 13% generated by all forms of transport. This should be an area of concern for all environmentalists. You can gain a flavour of Kirsteen’s presentation by visiting:

Our second speaker at the seminar was Anthony Davison of BigBarn, which encourages community food growers and local and seasonal foods. You can see his presentation here:

The seminar was extremely well attended, and thanks go to Bedford Borough Council for allowing the group to use Bedford i-Lab’s excellent meeting room facilities.

Delegates workshop their ideas at the January seminar