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Member Offers – Energise gives GBN members access to benchmarking index

Energise Consulting

GBN has partnered with member company and independent energy management consultancy Energise to offer you access to a new online survey (the Energise Index) that will help you to assess your current approach to energy and identify areas for improvement. You can benchmark your company’s performance against similar businesses in your sector.

Simon Alsbury, managing director of Energise and regular GBN expert speaker, has developed the survey.

None of the information you provide involves figures or any sensitive data. The survey is all answerable with a yes or no response. The results will be sent to Energise, who will send you a report detailing your results. If you want to follow up with Energise, you can, but no one will be pushing you to do so. Your information will be treated in confidence and will be deleted if you wish after you have completed the survey. Should you decide to use Energise for any of your consultancy work, as a GBN member, you will receive a discount.

While GBN will have access to the broad results of the survey, this will be anonymous. This will also enable us to create a seminar programme and a set of services to you that is best suited to what your business needs in terms of support.

If you want to complete the survey, and use it as part of your net zero carbon journey, please follow this link